Get new customers – Internet Traffic delivered directly to your website

DomainerTrafficâ„¢ is part of an ecosystem of domain related products designed for website owners and domain investors. DomainerTrafficâ„¢ dynamically creates a unique landing page when an Internet user types in qualified domain names participating in the program. Nobody would disagree that most people use search engines to find what they are looking for. But domain names, (good ones at least) get direct navigation. That means that people are actually typing in the exact term that they are looking for followed by the .com such as “” into their address bar instead of typing it into the search engine. It’s amazing to see the amount of targeted traffic that comes directly to a domain name and the proof is in the numbers. Our website traffic consists of unique visitors that type in the domain names by humans not robot traffic.

It’s easy to forward one domain to another domain. But this is more… Much more!  

Branded Landing Pages

Get a uniquely branded landing page directly on your home page that creates a trusted user experience.

Lower Acquisition Cost

The cost per visits are much less than traditional advertising. The domain traffic you receive is targeted based on Direct user implied traffic. We use keywords, past performance and other factors to achieve the best results for our clients.

Identify the Source

Identify the exact url that was typed-in by the user allowing you to see what domains are producing the traffic and the frequency of the traffic.

Conversion Reports

Follow the leads you get all the way through. If they send you an email, fill out a contact form or order from your website, you get the insights that you need.

Domain Traffic

With so many domain name investors throughout the world that are looking to sell their domain names, we give them the ability to use our system and turn their underutilized domain names into profitable traffic sources and you get the benefit of aggregated domain traffic portfioio that is designed to benefit you.

Access to Domain Names

Our users place many of their domain names for sale while they are using our technology. Advertisers get the benefit of “hidden” information that is normally not accessible to the public. You are buying the traffic. You need to know where it’s coming from. This opens up the ability to reach out and purchase the domain name(s) from the owner(s). 

If you manage a website and are looking for new prospects, our direct navigation technology may be the best thing you ever found.

Get in contact with us to see if we have the right traffic for your industry.